10 Heartfelt Reasons to Get Moving
During the month of February, when Cupid's bow is especially busy, it is appropriate to focus on how exercise affects the heart. There is a "love boat" full of scientific research that indicates moving is great for your heart and soul. Here are 10 benefits of exercise for you to take to heart.

1. Better sex - Men have fewer impotence and erectile problems. Women have increased libido.

2. Lighter at heart - Even 10 minutes of moving can raise your spirits. Regular exercise can be more effective than drugs for mild to moderate depression.

3. Lower blood pressure - Nearly any kind of aerobic exercise reduces hypertension in most people, even the obese.

4. More smarts - Perform better on cognitive tasks, get better grades and delay senioritis as well as dementia. Brain cells regenerate and connections are strengthened.

5. Good looks - Muscle mass increases, fat decreases and body composition improves even without dieting.

6. Weight control - Speeds calorie consumption and increases fat burning throughout the day.

7. Decreased cardiovascular disease - Cuts the risk of CD nearly in half.

8. Happy tummy - Keeps the stuff moving through from the tummy past the colon to prevent constipation and reduce the risks of bowel inflammatory problems.

9. Less stress - Releases endorphins or "happy" hormones to help you cope.

10. Live longer - Premature death is decreased. It is never too late in life to start reaping the benefits of exercise.