Play Every Day
Do some of your fondest childhood memories involve family game night or touch football in the park? It's proven that when families play together, they do stay together, and strong family bonds can remain intact for a lifetime. What's more, individuals who grew up in a family that enjoyed their leisure time together, learn to socialize more easily with non-family members.

  • Family members of all ages will have fun playing together by by following these simple suggestions:
  • Moderate, fun, physical activity: try for at least a total of 60 minutes every day (which can be spread out in 10 to 15 minute intervals), and include outdoor activity whenever possible.
  • Vigorous, fun, physical activity three days a week: aim for 20 minutes total on these days and include outdoor activity whenever possible.
  • Bring adults and kids together in physical activities in order to provide opportunities for connecting and modeling positive behavior.
  • Limit screen time to less than two hours per day (television, video games, computer). Meals should not be consumed in front of a screen.
Make these tips a part of your regular family "togetherness" time, and the health benefits will be enjoyed by all.