The Plastic Surgery Channel: All Plastic Surgery, All the Time

The Plastic Surgery Channel: All Plastic Surgery, All the Time

Barry Carpenter

The 33 News

February 22, 2010



It's glitzy, it's informative, it's TV on the Internet -- and it's produced in a Lewisville strip mall.

Plastic Surgery Channel president Craig Thompson said it's nip and tuck, 24/7.

"We want the information to be available to the consumer so the tail is really wagging the dog here," Said Craig.

Thompson launched the online network about a year ago which is loaded with everything about plastic surgery. The desk is real, but the set is virtual. Thompson says studies show that people make decisions about plastic surgery between eight and midnight and his online network is always at their fingertips.

"It's an emotional call to action time, something has happened during the day that has made them make a personal change of some sorts and so they get on the internet and type in whatever it is they're looking for," Said Craig.

"They could have done immediate reconstruction right then," Said Rebecca Larson who was 33 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and long before the plastic surgery channel made it's debut. Larson said that at the time she only had the information her doctors offered and would have made better decisions if she would have just had more information.

"They could have saved me two months of pain, additional surgeries and ten months of an ego slap that was not working. They could have saved my self esteem," Said Rebecca.

The Plastic Surgery Channel comes on the heels of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel which is also produced in Lewisville. Craig's wife Leslie produces for both networks and anchors weight loss news. She said the goal is to make good information available.

"While we don't want to be evangelists for weight loss surgery, we do want to make sure people do have information," Said Leslie.

Craig said only board certified plastic surgeons appear on shows where online it's lights, camera, action 24 hours a day.

"If they already know Dr. John Smith then they are going to find his website, hopefully, but most of these people are looking for breast augmentation, breast implants, nose jobs, so we want to provide them with that information first," Said Craig.