Sex while sleeping? It's nothing to yawn at.

You've heard of snoring, Restless Leg Syndrome and Insomnia, of course But what about a sleeping disorder called Sexsomnia? It's people initiating sex while they're asleep. In Plano today, one woman told us laughingly, "It sounds like something on Gossip Girl!"

But it is real and potentially scary. Study results released today from the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada, found nearly 8% of 832 patients at a sleep disorder center reported having Sexsomnia. More men than women started sex: 11% versus 4%. Scientists also found patients rarely bring it up with their doctor. Only 4 people in the study piped up.

Plano pharmacist Donna Barksy says, "It is rare, but it is something that needs to be treated and it needs to be treated seriously." Barsky says that can done, but the social stigma is huge. Sexsomniacs are reluctant to talk about their condition, but Barsky thinks it has affected one or two of her patients.

Donna Barsky says, "The patients who have this don't remember it. So most of the time what they're finding is it's the partner, the wife, the girlfriend tells us, 'Your behavior last night was horrendous', because what happens is they're a little more aggressive."

One woman on Youtube says her Sexsomnia has cost her more than one relationship. It's something that's hardly sexy. She reports, "I was waking him up virtually every night for sex, up to 4-5 times."

Dallas resident Dale Cooper told us, "It would concern me, but I don't think I have that problem. Just the snoring."

So it seems, not all sleep disorders are created equal. Maybe all of us sleepers should pick our battles.