Life is hectic. We have too many places to be, too much to do, not enough time and no escape. And all that can hinder our ability to achieve "satisfaction."

Steffanie Parker knows that as well as anyone. She says, "It is extremely difficult to juggle everything that I have to do."

The 26-year old is a full-time C-T tech. She is also a full-time student, wife and mother of two young children. Multitasking is her friend, except during sex. Steffanie Parker says, "My husband blocks out everything. When it comes time to "do it", that's all he wants to do. Me, I'm like, 'Oh, I have to do my paper, make sure the kids clothes are ready, do the laundry, do the dishes.' "

Science buys that. While men's minds go blank during sex -- or something like that, women's minds go into warp speed. For a woman to have the optimal sexual experience (read: orgasm), they have to make peace in the parts of the brain attached to anxiety and fear.

Dallas brain chemistry specialist and family therapist, Ross Stewart, Ph.D., says, "Women really need to be the guardians of the relationship. Their brains are organized around how do I make a home a safe, predictable place."

Men's Health has the thoughts of 1,000 women while they're between the sheets. 57% wonder whether men are enjoying the sex. More than 50% think about their body hair, i.e. unshaved legs. 25% are mulling over household chores and 20% doing the same with work.

30-year old Stefanie Woodley is also a busy wife and mother, along with working full-time outside the home. She says, "Oh, it's not surprising. There's just so much we have to do in one day."

Ross Stewart recommends a scheduled date night. It gives women time to prepare, anticipate and clear their minds. It's something Steffanie Parker has tried to rave reviews. She says, "We go out to eat, go out to the movies. And of course, he gets what he wants at the end of the night."