The list of things men find attractive in women can be long. There's a beautiful face, a gorgeous body and a sense of humor and intellect, to name a few. But there is another one, scientists say. It's far less obvious, but effective.

Hong Kong resident Shearaton Carter laughs, while pondering, "I'm not sure about that, but I have 5 kids. So maybe that was, maybe that was the attraction!"

We're talking about ovulation. Dallas resident Jonathan Montoya says, "Totally makes sense. Interested in the details." Jonathan, let me introduce you to Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Barry Jacobs. He says, "During ovulation and just prior to ovulation, estrogen levels are high. Estrogen increases a woman's libido and a woman may unconsciously do things that make them more attractive to men."

Scientists say the secretion of hormones makes a woman's skin softer, her breasts fuller and increases her unique body odor. And because of their increased sexual desire, women may wear more makeup, more accessories and more revealing clothes.

Dallas resident Yvonne Hager says, "Maybe they're like, it's time for me to mate and I need to go hunt me a man."

Charla and Cadi Shurbet are mother and daughter. Both see the logic and the younger Shurbet might be guilty. She says, "There are times I do feel like that and I never put two and two together. So, maybe it's true."

Dr. Jacobs says chalk it up to a a very basic instinct to reproduce. He says, "If you recognize the fact that despite our veneer of civilization, we're animals. We're behaving as our biology instructs to do."

But some say, science be damned. Dallas resident Peter Hession thinks for a lot of people, ovulation would be an anti-attraction. He says, "There are obvious physical changes that happen with the physical ovulation process. For a lot of men who are unfamiliar with what's going on, that may be a bit of a turnoff."