Back to Work After Maternity Leave
"Because we had such good communication, my manager never had to call me once to ask me any questions," she says. "They really respected my time with my son for those ten weeks."

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  • Work from home for a week or two.

"With both of my pregnancies, I worked virtual for a few weeks," she says. "This gave me the opportunity to get back into the working mode, but still be home with my child. Before you go out on leave, work from home a day or two to ensure your computer is all set up and you can work without problems from home."

  • Call in for staff meetings.

"This kept me up-to-date on what was happening in the office and made the first few days back to work easier since I knew what was going on."

  • Attend meetings in person prior to going back full-time. "This gets you out of your home clothes and back in to work clothes," explains Nugent. "It also gives you an opportunity to see your colleagues before your first day back so you're not overwhelmed."

  • Discuss maternity leave three to six months prior to your due date. "Come to the meeting prepared with your ideal [leave time] -- if you don't ask, you don't receive," she advises. "This gives you plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments before you go out on leave. Document what was agreed to and ensure you and your manager have a copy."

  • Call and/or visit your baby's daycare. "The first few days back in the office, it helped me to call my baby's daycare and check up on what she was doing. I also visited her at random times during the first few weeks."