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Trying To Get Pregnant? There's An App For That!

The most popular iPhone applications for women trying to get pregnant

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January 25, 2010


A British woman says she used her iPhone to get pregnant, according to Mashable. She and her husband unsuccesfully tried to conceive for more than four years, but after having the right app…she was pregnant within 2 months. So, here are the most popular iPhone apps that can help you to get pregnant!

Woman Calendar Every woman trying to get pregnant should know what her monthly cycle is. If you forget to write it down or don't have an organized calendar or organizer, try this Woman Calendar app.

Pregnancy Calendar The Pregnancy Calendar iPhone app has the same concept as Woman Calendar, except that this one seems to have more details. It keeps track of how much you weigh, what you eat, and more, helping women to conceive.

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iPregnancy One of the most popular pregnancy iPhone applications is iPregnancy. This one is mostly for women who already are pregnant. It helps you with keeping track of our pregnancy, finding baby names, and much more.

Pregnancy Alarm iPhone application Pregnancy Alarm is another app that can help you to conceive. It is a calendar that keeps track of your cycle for you, so you don't have to do the math!