Creator of shares secret to losing 110 pounds

A: I used to smoke two packs a day until seven years ago.

Q: What's your typical daily diet?

A: In the morning, I have oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries or strawberries, with a cup of coffee. I eat about every three hours. For a snack, nonfat plain Greek yogurt with apple or blueberries. Or a protein bar.

Lunch is usually grilled chicken, brown rice, black beans and a salad. Then another snack like the first.

Dinner is usually some type of chicken or meat, like steak once a week. Grilled chicken or rotisserie chicken, sweet potato or brown rice, or a really big salad with chickpeas, spinach and romaine lettuce. And a little protein like feta or goat cheese.

Q: Ever cheat from your diet?

A: Weekends. I'm a red wine drinker. I like ice cream. That's my kryptonite!

Q: What do you drink?

A: A gallon of water a day. No soda. I have post-workout a protein shake.

Q: Any vitamins or other supplements?

A: I take CLA, a fatty acid that helps burn fat. I also take vitamin D, green tea extract, and magnesium/calcium/zinc in one tablet.

Eli Sapharti

Age: 43

City of residence: Parkland

Height/Weight: 6 feet, 1 inch; 180 pounds

Occupation: Motivational speaker, weight-loss coach