Yoga for MS Patients
It's dubbed yoga for the not so bendy. A renowned yoga instructor tours the country reaching out to people with MS. And when he leaves, his teaching continues to flow.

Baron Baptiste, Yoga Instructor: "Deep breathing ... really good. That's awesome cuz you are getting your lower body. Now take your arms up to the sky everyone."

It looks like a typical yoga class ... except many of the people standing here couldn't walk at some point.

Tara Linzy, MS Patient: "One day I woke up it was a numbing sensation, a tingling, and it felt like my foot fell asleep."

Athletic, on a college soccer scholarship, Tara Linzy was 19 when she was diagnosed. Erin Teso found out she had multiple sclerosis at 30.

Erin Teso, MS Patient: "The left side of my body started to go numb and it started with my thumb."

The body was numb but the mind was racing. Stress running rampant ... sadly that's what caused the body to shutdown.

"Stress is one of the worst MS triggers."

Yoga relieves stress and symptoms. Yoga instructor Baron Baptiste tours, teaches and produced My MS Yoga, a DVD for practicing at home.

Baron Baptiste, Yoga Teacher: "Taking the poses, each pose, each practice and showing the patients, people with MS, how to modify each pose or the practice, how to adapt and then so they really can take it on and be successful in it."

"It's actually challenging your muscles in strength."

Kendall Freeman feels strongly about yoga practice. She's in the video. But she says watching it changes her life.

Kendall Freeman, MS Patient: "I am seeing a lot more of my strength, I am able to walk a lot further. I am able to ... I've lost a pant size so that's great."

Baron Baptiste: "People have previously seen yoga as something inaccessible or you need to be super flexible, hyper mobile and contort your body into strange positions. Or they see it as maybe this new agey thing and my intention has always been to simplify it, demystify it."

Tara Linzy: "It allows me to be able to move freely, not so much stiffness. So I am able to help with my gait and my balance too."

Erin Teso: "With the yoga it calms your body. You're breathing. You're almost kind of taking control of everything around you and I feel more relaxed."

The DVD is free to any MS patient interested in stretching their treatment options. To learn more go to