Noel noshing news
Parties are "a plenty" so plan your battle for Noel noshing now and ring in the New Year in good health. Use these solid strategies for winning the war against calorie-groaning tables of temptation.

  • Eat Before

  • Earn Calories
Take a long walk or get an extra workout in at the gym before the party so you'll have a jump on burning the calories you'll be consuming.

  • Drink One-For-One
Start with a big glass of water; make it sparkling to be festive. Then have your wine, beer or champagne. Follow each alcoholic beverage with water.

  • Imbibe Lightly
Avoid skirmishing with calorie-bursting beverages such as eggnog with nearly 350 calories in a mere cup. Instead of wine, enjoy a wine spritzer and cut the calories in half with just 60 in a six-ounce goblet. Liquor such as vodka, whiskey and tequila have about 65 calories a shot but add mixers such as cranberry juice or tonic and you've upped the count to over 250. Look for diet mixers or add sparkling water and a squeeze of lime.

  • Nosh Wisely

  • Fill your plate with crunchy veggies, shrimp and other low-calorie foods. Run from the fried hors d'oeuvres, cheese platters, nut bowls and desserts.

    • Stand Away

    Hanging out where the aromas of dark chocolate, rich cheeses and sweet treats waft through your senses is just asking for trouble. Move away from the table.

    • Say No Nicely

    Any hostess worth the salt on her Margaritas is going to urge her guests to indulge. When confronted by this temptress, avoid her waist-busting offerings by diving for the veggies or saying you're thirsty and getting a sparkling water or low-cal beverage.

    • Move It

    If there is music, dance. Play charades. You'll burn off calories, can't hold a plate or glass and have a great time! No music or games? Stroll as much as possible. Even standing rather than sitting burns fat.

    • Reward Yourself

    Promise yourself a special treat at the end of the evening or the next day. While a slim you should be enough motivation, the future prize of a small brownie or chunk of your favorite stinky cheese can keep you from feeling deprived and turning into the party pooper.