Brace Yourself for Good News...
If you've ever had braces you know just thinking about them can hurt... remembering the pain in your teeth and gums, hours in the orthodontist's chair, and all those months, sometimes years of having to be embarrassed by the "train tracks" on your teeth.

But now, thanks to a robot, today's braces are a whole new thing.

The last thing 15 year old Alex Haro wanted to wear to school was braces. But then she heard about the newest technology in orthodontics called SureSmile. It cuts the amount of time you have to wear braces in half. Alex just got hers off after only 12 months. She says she loves the fact that she didn't have to wear them as long as her friends did. And now she loves her new smile!

Dr. Joseph Gray of Gray and Ehrler Orthodontics Specialists in Upland, California, says it has transformed the world of orthodontics. Instead of traditional braces where he would have to been an archwire by hand, SureSmile technology uses robotic hands to precisely bend the archwires to the patient's unique prescription.

Dr. Gray says it's so much faster. He recently helped straighten the teeth of one patient in seven months that would've taken a year and a half with traditional braces.

That's music to the ears of Debbie Denler. At 29 years old, braces wasn't the look she was going for. Debbie says being in business it important to have a good smile and to feel confident. She says getting the braces off faster than she ever expected helped her get through the awkwardness of wearing braces as an adult. At the time we interviewed Debbie, she was just a couple of weeks away from getting the braces off. She was so excited and was looking forward to a steak dinner once they were off!

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