Parents react to recent claims from experts that say the number of children injured while playing in bounce houses, moon walks and similar attractions is reaching an epidemic, experts say. (Posted on: April 17, 2013)

The Child Injury Prevention Alliance recommends that only children over 6 be allowed on a bouncer and that, ideally, only one child should use it at a time.

"Some people think of it as a baby sitter, but that's not how it should be," said Olga Gomez, manager at Chicago MoonWalks. "There should be adult supervision at all times."

Glen Kohn, the father of two 31/2-year-old twins, said that he always follows that advice.

"I worry more about the age of the kids that are with them," Kohn said, explaining that his "biggest fear" was that his children could be trampled by older kids.

Kohn hadn't heard of the Pediatrics bounce house safety study but said that he wasn't surprised by its findings.

"I don't particularly find (bounce houses) incredibly safe," Kohn said, "but they're fine with the correct supervision."

Experts seem to agree.

"Some of the groups out there say, 'Oh my goodness, these are so unbelievably dangerous,'" Mark said. "Can they be? Yes. Inherently? No. Are there methods and measures people can take to make them safer? Absolutely."

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