Baked employees nabbed with pot brownies: police

The officer said he couldn't help but notice that the subjects – in the words of his report – R

During a late-night security check on Feb. 13, Wilmette police interrupted four would-be chefs gathered at the Subway sandwich shop at 165 Green Bay Road, police said.

Deputy Police Chief Kyle Perkins said a police officer saw lights on shortly after 1 a.m. and investigated the scene. When he found the door open, the officer walked in to find four people milling about inside, Perkins said.

They told the officer they were shop employees, Perkins said. The officer said he couldn't help but notice that they – in the words of his report – "seemed impaired."

That's when the four reportedly admitted that they were using Subway facilities to bake marijuana-laced brownies, Perkins said. The chocolate goods in question were promptly confiscated.

One employee, Allan River, 22, of the 1400 block of Darrow Street in Evanston, was charged with illegal possession of marijuana. Police also alerted restaurant management to the incident.

The other three, who were 20-24 years old, were not charged, Perkins said.

"They were all of an age when they should have been growing up," he said. "But I guess not."

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