The Hartford's CEO had a brain tumor surgically removed "over the holidays" and he will receive, the company said late Friday afternoon.

The Hartford's CEO Liam E. McGee had a brain tumor surgically removed "over the holidays," and he will receive low-dose chemotherapy, the company said late Friday afternoon.

McGee, 58, retained his position as chairman, CEO and president of the property-casualty insurer during the procedure and his recovery. He plans to return to work Monday.

Most of the insurer's employees learned of the surgery for the first time in an e-mail Friday afternoon, which was accompanied by the company's first public statement about it.

The company would not elaborate on the circumstances of the medical treatment, out of respect for McGee's privacy, said company spokeswoman Shannon Lapierre.

McGee was visiting his medical doctor on another matter, and the tumor was discovered.

"I was surprised to learn of the tumor, since I had not had any symptoms," McGee wrote in a letter to his employees dated Jan. 11. "Post-surgical tests have confirmed that the tumor was completely removed, and I have had no side effects from the surgery or tumor. In an abundance of caution, my doctors and I have agreed on a low-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and we expect minimal side effects."

The company would not say when and where the surgery was performed, other than that it was "over the holidays."

It was a small tumor in an easily accessible location on his brain, though the company would not say if the tumor was cancerous.

"The good news is that the tumor was identified early and the procedure went well," McGee wrote in a letter dated Friday, Jan. 11.

"I am feeling great, as well as quite fortunate," McGee wrote. "I have had no side effects from the surgery or the tumor itself. I have been working from home and will be back in the office on Monday, fully performing my normal duties."

McGee finished his letter by writing: "While I normally prefer to keep information about my health confidential, I thought it was appropriate to share this information with you. Thank you for your continued commitment to The Hartford and for your hard work in continuing to execute our strategic plans. We are making excellent progress and I look forward to accelerating that work with you in 2013."

Thomas A. Renyi, Presiding Director of The Hartford, said in a prepared statement: "Liam has kept the board apprised of the events before and after the surgery. We are delighted that the surgery was a success and are fully supportive of Liam."

McGee came to The Hartford to be CEO in the fall of 2009, succeeding Ramani Ayer who retired Nov. 1. Before coming to The Hartford, he headed Bank of America's retail network, which included 50 million customers and more than 6,100 banking locations across the U.S.