Randy Race

Randy Race of Parkville kneels next to the $800 generator he purchased Sunday. He has been without power since Friday's storms. (Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / June 25, 2012)

Many residents were being neighborly, sharing power and checking on one another.

Walter McGuire just moved to Stoneleigh from the Lake Roland area and is used to seeing summer storms knock out power for days at a time.

But now that he's enduring his first power loss in Stoneleigh, McGuire is learning that the neighborhood is well equipped for this type of thing.

"If you're going to be stuck, you want to be stuck in Stoneleigh," he said.

He said the neighbors have come together to help one another. Those with generators had helped him keep his food cold and his sump pump going.

McGuire said others are going door to door making sure everyone has the supplies they need, and the neighborhood is frequently checking in on an elderly neighbor.

"We're all just doing what we can," he said.

Pinehurst Wine Shoppe in the city's Cedarcroft neighborhood routinely orders 80 pounds of ice for next-day delivery. With no way to keep the ice from melting, co-owner Bob Schindler and manager Gordon McNamara decided to dump it curbside, and sell it to residents in the city and in nearby Rodgers Forge for $2.49 per 10-pound bag, "the same price we sell it for in the store," Schindler said.

But Schindler and McNamara didn't stop there. They bought out the Reddy Ice truck, got the driver's cellphone number and later called him back to bring them another shipment.

Then they bought out that supply. By Saturday night, they had bought 10,000 pounds of ice, or 1,000 10-pound bags, spending $1,200. They even wrote down credit card numbers of people who didn't have cash.

But they still didn't stop. On Monday afternoon, they were expecting another 1,050 bags.

"If it melts, we'll give it away," Schindler said. "We're just having fun with it. What else are you going to do?"

Patuxent Publishing reporters Brian Conlin, Larry Perl and Jon Meoli contributed to this article.