Insurance adjusters get to work once storm subsides

Software provides the approximate cost of contractors in a specific area as well as the market cost of repair supplies, such as shingles or siding, Biagini said. The computer program then calculates the amount owed each customer.

For most houses, an inspection takes about 30 minutes, Scherrer said. If damage is severe, an investigation can take up to half a day.

Biagini presented her findings to MacDougall at his dining room table.

She broke up her estimate into sections: labor and supplies for roof repairs, labor to fix the vinyl siding and haul off tree debris, and the replacement cost for the trellis and gutter guards.

The MacDougalls also were reimbursed $200 for spoiled food.

Minus the couple's $500 deductible, Biagini estimated the cost of restoring the home to its pre-storm state at $1,825.28. She handed Tom MacDougall a check in that amount.

If the contractors MacDougall hires to make repairs contest her estimates, Biagini said, she's willing to hear their case for increasing the claim amount.

"I'm more than satisfied," MacDougall said. "I just wanted the stuff fixed to the way it was before."