Scarves don't have to be cover-ups

With a little technique, they can be fashion statements

Marcia Frellick

HealthKey contributor

October 23, 2009


Coping with hair loss may be one of the toughest outward reminders of your condition. But with a little imagination and experimentation you can find the new look that's right for you. If you're not ready to embrace the bald look and the thought of a wig makes you itch, a scarf may be the way to go. Some guidelines if you do:

You might want to wear a liner under the scarf for warmth and security in case the scarf comes loose. It will also help keep the scarf from slipping.

Natural fabrics such as 100 percent cotton or pure silk are best for ventilation as those on chemotherapy may get a version of hot flashes, says tlcdirect.org (that's Tender Loving Care, an affiliate of the American Cancer Society).

Here are four elegant styles you can try.

ROSETTE: Fold a large square diagonally and drape it over your head. One triangle will hang down the back of the head. Now tie the two side ends into a half- knot at the base of the neck or to the side by the ear, leaving ends long. Tightly intertwine ends to form a coil, leaving a short length uncoiled, says Look … Good Feel Better, an American Cancer Society affiliate found at lookgoodfeelbetter.org. Guide the coil in a flat circle around itself and poke end of coil partially through center of circle. You can top this with a brimmed hat for another creative look.

BOW IN THE BACK: Fold scarf into a triangle. Put the scarf on your head and tie the two ends together in a half-knot over the back part of the triangle. Tie the two side ends into a bow over the middle flap.

SCRUNCHIE ON THE SIDE: Fold scarf into a triangle. Put the wide end of the scarf on your forehead and tie the two ends together over the back part of the triangle hanging down the back. Shift the knot from the back of the head to the side. Place a scrunchie above the knot and pull all the ends through the scrunchie, says tlc. Spread ends for a fuller look.

TURBAN: Fold scarf into triangle. Put the scarf on your head and tie the two ends together over the back part of the triangle. Bring the ends back around to the front, tie in a knot and tuck into the edges or secure with jewelry.

You can also add some attitude with pins, clips or sequins. One advantage to the scarf option: When your hair grows back, you can use the scarf for sparkle around your neck or waist or tied around a beach bag..