Find a natural wig

Web sites offer wide range of options

Marcia Frellick

HealthKey contributor

October 13, 2009


Natural wigs have the advantage of often looking more like your own hair, though advances have been made in synthetic versions in recent years and often the difference is not as clear. Human-hair wigs can tolerate the heat of curling irons and hair dryers, unlike the synthetic variety, and you can dye a natural wig just as you could your actual hair. Their primary disadvantages are that they are more expensive than synthetic wigs and that hair must be restyled after shampooing.

Here are some places that offer all-natural wigs:

Headcovers Unlimited. The human hair selection--with prices in the $500-$600 range--is not as extensive as its synthetic or human hair blend offerings. The site specializes in wigs for cancer and alopecia patients. headcovers.com.

Wilshire Wigs. The site labels each style with a price so you don't have to click individually to check and has detailed product descriptions. Most are discounted in the $300-$900 range. wilshirewigs.com.

Wigs.com. The site gives clear detail on each wig and includes resources on care, shopping and styling. You can shop by length, style, ethnicity or brand and most choices are in the $300-$1,200 range. wigs.com.

Natural Wigs offers a wide range of styles up to the top-of-the-line European hair. Most are in the $200-$1,200 range. After you plug in your information, the site will have a representative contact you about your choice. naturalwigs.com.