Father, Son Accused Of Stealing Corn From Field

WETHERSFIELD — A father and son from New Britain are accused of stealing more than 150 ears of corn from a field on Elm Street in Wethersfield.

Efrain Pacheco, 60, and Carlos Pacheco, 32, were each charged with sixth-degree larceny in the case.

At about 6:10 a.m. on July 31, police received a compliant that men were taking corn from an Anderson Farm field on Elm Street, Lt. Andrew Power said. The men attempted to flee, but officers caught them, Power said.

Police confiscated a bag containing 153 ears of freshly picked corn, Power said. The corn had an estimated value of 65 cents an ear, for a total of $99.45 cents, he said.

It's unclear whether alleged thieves planned to sell or eat the corn, Power said.

Power said the department sometimes receives complaints about thieves stealing corn from fields, but this is the first time in his 22 years on the force that he can recall police actually catching someone doing it.

Both men were released on $500 bond. They are to appear Aug. 14 at Superior Court in New Britain.

Over the weekend, Green Acres Farm in Bristol reported through their Facebook that rows of corn were picked and stolen from their property.

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