Town and State Leaders Critical of Response to Storm


Bloomfield town and state elected officials earlier today expressed anger, frustration and mistrust regarding CL&P’s response to outages as a result of the winter storm that knocked out power to nearly 100 percent of the town for days.

On Monday, the town was down to about 30 percent without electricity prompting officials to call a press conference to discuss the situation.

Mayor Sydney Schulman called the situation a “tragedy” that could have been avoided if the utility had planned ahead.

According to Schulman, the town had no line or tree crews working in town on Sunday or Monday and only one for part of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday and that utility’s liaison to the town could not provide Bloomfield officials with accurate information..

“Either I was being lied to or I was being told the truth,” he said. “It almost put me over the edge.”

State. Rep. David Baram, D-Bloomfield, said the numbers he was provided with on a daily basis were faulty and he believed the inaccuracies were intentional to keep elected officials content that progress was being made instead of delivering bad news.

“[CL&P] lied to us,” Baram said.

Baram said he looked forward to the independent review of CL&P’s response to the storm and added that it should include the response by state agencies and state government to see if improvements could be made there.

“This should never happen again,” he said.

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