Why Is John G. Rowland Really Leaving WTIC?

Just what are his "personal issues?"

John G. Rowland, as he introduced himself on his WTIC-AM NewsTalk1080 afternoon talk show, announced Thursday that he is leaving the station to "take care of some personal issues."

Although the former governor did not say what those "personal issues" were, usually when an individual leaves a high-profile gig like talk show host it is because he or she has done something scandalous or illegal and suddenly feels an overwhelming need to spend more time with their family.

Another possibility, in this case, is that John G. Rowland is about to be indicted as a co-conspirator in a case involving a sham political consulting contract he had with former Republican congressional candidate Lisa-Wilson Foley and her husband Brian Foley.

This seems a little far fetched, though, because nobody could be that dumb, right?

Taking John. G. Rowland's place beginning Monday will be Pastor Will Marotti of New Life Church of Meriden. While Rev. Will used to co-host with John G. Rowland, he lacks the credentials to be the long- term replacement.

To succeed in the 3-6 p.m. time slot on WTIC-AM one needs to be able to link any and all problems to Obamacare, criticize everything and anything done by Gov. Dannel (or is that Dan?) P. Malloy, and to take calls from listeners who wish John G. Rowland were still governor.

So who could fill this huge void?

Three names come quickly to mind.

Ann Coulter, although she may be too far out to lunch even for WTIC.

Martha Dean, (see Ann Coulter).

And my out-of-the-box choice, Tom Foley (no relation to the Foley-gate Foleys) who is considered the front runner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Think about it: Tom Foley could easily handle the anti-Obamacare agenda, relentlessly criticize Malloy, and take calls about how much better a governor he will be. On top of that he's been arrested and even spent a night in jail.

Here's another possible scenario, one which takes place six months in the future.

Fade out music "Only in America" …

Good afternoon everyone, this is WTIC-AM NewsTalk 1080, John G. Rowland here.

We're coming to you today from the common room at the Loretto Federal Prison Camp in Loretto, Pa.

As you may or may not know my show here on WTIC will be originating from this remote location for the next 10 to 12 months, depending on time off for good behavior.

After I'm done here, we will shift the show back to Connecticut, where I will be confined for another period of time under house arrest. And then at some point we'll get back in our Farmington studios.

Anyway, we have a pretty good show coming to you today.

The warden will stop by to talk about raising the minimum wage here at Loretto, which, literally, is pennies right now. We're also going to ask him about prices in the commissary, as well the standard issue khaki jumpsuits. Why not add a little color, maybe some nice blue piping? We'll see what he says about that.

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