How About A College Course On How To Survive In The Cubicle?

Or The Fundamentals of Establishing Credit?

I'm just tossing this out, but what if colleges offered more courses geared toward actual life?

I mean, the ability to discuss Descartes is important, but knowing how to buy a dehumidifier when you don't have any money is equally so … particularly if you are going to be living in your parent's basement and you don't want your stuff to get all clammy.

Here are just a few of the course descriptions:

Cubicle Life: Will emphasize office gossip, dealing with the annoying or disgusting habits of cubicle mates, and how to listen to co-workers personal phone calls while appearing to not be paying attention.

Marital Arts: Explores such things as why fighting with a spouse is much different than fighting with your college girlfriend or boyfriend, and the two main reasons why:

A spouse knows you better, and knows all the right buttons to push.

A spouse will get even in ways you can't possibly imagine.

Credit Card Theater: Originates from the premise that everyone will have their credit card rejected at the register at some point, even people whose cards aren't maxed out, and then reviews the three basic reactions:

Indignation: "There must be some mistake, there's a million dollars in that account."

Blasé: "No problem, try one of these instead."

Blame: "Don't tell me my wife (husband) forgot to pay the bill again."

Finessing the Boss (Seminar): This course would probably be one day because it's really not that hard.

Fundamentals of Establishing Credit: Familiarizes students with the real way credit is achieved, which, of course, involves buying a lot of stuff you don't really need and can't afford so you can get into a situation where you have to pay the minimum amount due every month for the rest of your life. Course would also deal with handling the flood of new credit card offers that will then flow in.

Cars 101: When students complete the course they will understand that when you buy a car you get hosed, when you sell or trade-in a car you get hosed, when you have a car repaired you get really hosed.

Choosing a Cable TV Package: (See cars)

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