Boomers' Need for Weed: Usage Up Significantly Since 2002

Ask not for whom the egg in the frying pan sizzles, baby boomers, it sizzles for thee.

Marijuana use has increased significantly among those over the age of 50 since 2002.

Just say no has become just say yo.

According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as quoted in a recent story in the Huffington Post story:

In 2012, 8 percent of those aged 50-54 said they'd used marijuana in the past year, nearly double from 2002.

In the same time frame, usage among those in 55-59 range quadrupled to 7.4 percent.

And among those age 60-64, use nearly doubled to 4.4 percent.

I mean, "One toke over the line sweet Jesus."

Why are many baby boomers returning to the isle of bong?

Some do it for medical reasons, to ease pain.

Some do it to escape, to relieve pressure or relax.

Some do it because they suddenly have a lot of free time.

Some do it because, well, if it feels good, do it, right?

For whatever the reason, if this trend continues it could have an interesting impact on our culture.

Might people have to re-evaluate friends and relatives who they thought were losing it but as it turns out were only stoned.

Might concerned children have to sit down with their parents and have frank discussions about how they are ruining their futures?

The need for weed could have numerous social ramifications:

Will long hair and beads and tie-dyed shirts make a comeback.

Will the peace sign return as a form of greeting?

Will 55-plus neighborhoods be converted into communes?

Will the ubiquitous use of the word "man" make a comeback as in:

"Hey, man how you feeling?"

"I just got a prostate exam, man."

"Man, say no more, man."

And how about heavy-osity?

Will people again find themselves engaged in deep existential discussions over how the universe might just be the middle school science project of some superior being's dopey kid?

Then there is the issue of supply. Where does one acquire pot some 40 years later? Is the first step to check to see if one's old connection is still living with his parents?

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