7/17/2013-State U Who Knew?

It looks to have taken as long as seven years for UConn to act on a sexual misconduct accusation leveled against one of their professors. Seven years! There reportedly have been accusations involving this professor since 2006. Why in God’s name do people downplay such things, especially when minors are involved? And now the school has to pay for a lawyer from outside to make sure everything is done right to the tune of $250,000 in legal fees, or more. Action should’ve been taken the day in 2006 when the first accusations were made. The most recent accusing letter arrived in the office of an unnamed department head in December 2011. Here’s how you handle an accusation of sexual misconduct:

A middle school girl told her parents after dinner one night that her male gym teacher had touched her in a way that made her feel “funny, scared.” The parents asked a few questions and the father called the principal the next morning. The principal assured the father she’d take care of it. The next evening, the daughter tearfully described how the gym teacher angrily confronted her, saying, “You didn’t have to tell on me. I was just being friendly.” The next morning, the father drove to the school, met with the principal and threatened further action. The principal suspended the gym teacher and ordered him to undergo counseling if he wanted to keep his job. And that was the end of it. Problem solved.

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