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Readers React: Views In Wake Of Orlando Massacre

Letter writers address terrorism, hate, Islam, assault rifles and gun control following the mass murder of 49 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

  • Mass Killings: This Is Our Choice

    Another day, another mass shooting. Ho hum. I saw it on TV Sunday afternoon, then went out and played golf. It will dominate the front pages and newscasts for a few days and then it will fade away with nothing really having changed. And then there will be another one and we can get all worked up...

  • Focus On Hate, Not Assault Rifles

    A hate crime is any of various assaults or defacement of property that are motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (based on color, creed, gender or sexual orientation). Someone who would perpetrate such a crime will do it with whatever tools they have available, be it guns,...

  • No Good Reason For Assault Weapons

    Military-style semi-automatic weapons are made to kill people. Real hunters do not need them for any reason. It is time for the Senate and House of Representatives to stand up and support the elimination of such weapons in the hands of everyone except military, security and professional law enforcement...