eCourant FAQs - Intro

1. What is the electronic edition, eCourant?
2. Can I view it prior to ordering?
3. What are the benefits?
4. How do I use eCourant without access to the computer lab for all students?
5. How does eCourant fit with preparing students for the 21st Century?
 6. Is there a cost for eCourant?
7. Do students have to use the3 same computer(s) every day?
8. Can I use eCourant outside of school?
9. How do my students and I access eCourant?
10. What if I'm unable to access or have trouble viewing eCourant?
11. Additional questions?

What is eCourant?
eCourant is an electronic replica of the Hartford Courant print edition. eCourant contains digitized pages of the newspaper.

**Please Note: Effective January 24, 2011, The Courant is changing to a new display system designed to enhance your experience using eCourant. The new system includes advanced display technologies that provide improved functionality and readability for our digital edition.

Can I view eCourant prior to ordering?
Take an eCourant "test drive".....Yes -Test Drive eCourant
Download the teacher guide: eCourant User Guide PDF
New Features: Newest Features PDF

What are the benefits of the eCourant?
  • Students can view all the text, photos, and advertisements as they are printed in the daily paper, plus have the option to change the screen layout, move easily through pages and sections, and save and send articles with the click of a button.
  • Keyword searches give students the power to research any topic, person or event instantly.
  • Students can choose to have an audio version for articles or have articles translated into 50 different languages.

How do I use eCourant in my classroom without access to a computer lab for all students?
  • Online content can be shared with your students in the classroom via a SMART Board or LCD projector.
  • You can also print and distribute copies of newspaper articles, program materials and serial stories or print an article to overhead film and share the information with the entire class simultaneously.
  • Articles and materials can also be e-mailed or saved, making the newspaper even more convenient and portable.

How does eCourant fit with preparing our students for the 21st Century?
  • eCourant is a compliment to the resources and methods students are already using to get information.
  • Google and Yahoo searches will return millions of hits - many from questionable sources. eCourant searches will only return information that has been published in the Hartford Courant - information that has been vetted and passed editorial review.
  • Articles are saved, e-mailed, or printed have the name of the newspaper, the section, date, and the page number at the top of the page. Students have a complete record of the source of the information, helpful in developing good research practices and analysis and critical thinking.

Is there a cost for eCourant?
eCourant is provided to schools at NO COST. (eCourants are fully sponsored, at the educational rate of 21¢ per copy, thanks to local businesses and generous subscribers.)

How do I order the eCourant?

  • In a classroom, order licenses to match the number of students in your class.
  • In a computer lab, order a license for each computer.
  • NIE will email each teacher a daily notification with the URL for accessing eCourant.
  • 2011-2012 eCourant Order Form PDF

Do students have to use the same computer(s) every day?

Can I use eCourant outside of school?
NIE's eEditions are provided as an educational resource for educators and students for use with learning activities and assignments. Any access unrelated to classroom instruction is not allowed at this time and is a violation of the eCourant program agreement.

How do my students and I access the eCourant?
You will receive a daily notification with a URL. Simply click on the link. You are also welcome to set up a shortcut/bookmark to this URL on your classroom computers.

What if I cannot log in or have trouble viewing the eCourant?
Call NIE immediately so that we can assist with any technical difficulties. 860-241-3847

Why must I sign a Record of Request form at the end of a program?
NIE requires teachers to sign a Record of Request at the conclusion of each sponsored program they order. These Records of Request verify for outside auditors that eCourants were actually requested, received and used in an educational setting. Teachers will receive this Record of Request in the mail and should promptly return the signed request in the enclosed postage paid envelope.

Additional questions?
Contact us at or call (860)241-3847, toll-free (800)524-4242 x3847.

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