8/19/2012-Silly Season Starts Now

Let the hideous campaign ads begin! I'm not a registered Republican or Democrat. My attitude is hey, you folks in the different political parties figure it out and send us independents your choices.


Well, they've done just that. Let the games begin! Heavyweight preliminary Republican bouts between Linda McMahon and Chris Shays produced no upsets there. McMahon won every round with her patented $12.5 million kick to the groin. Ouch!


The Democrats' prelim gives us Chris Murphy who scored a first round knockout over perennial challenger and comeback kid, Susan Bysiewicz. Murphy won with one hand tied behind his back. Will Susan B. come back? Heck yeah!


The Middleweights gave us a surprise underdog win. Former champion Chris Donovan was knocked out in the final round when two FBI agents climbed over the ropes. Elizabeth Esty floored Donovan with a right cross while the former speaker was trying to get the agents out of the ring.




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