5/7/2013-NRA Convention

When I draw Wayne Lapierre, he always comes away looking like a loathsome swine with a dollop of Adolph Hitler in there. I think that's very unfair. To swine. Of course one can never be unfair to Hitler.

I can't help but think these gun nuts are living a self-fulfilling prophecy like the Branch Davidians did in Waco, Texas, and Jim Jones's Kool-Aid drinkers in Central America. They believed the world was coming to an end and it did for them. The gun nuts fear a civil war, and there will be one. For them. The rest of us have state and local police, the FBI, Homeland Security, the United States Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Navy and Coast Guard.

I feel badly for the children who are caught in their parents' craziness. They don't know any better and don't have much of a chance. I mean, what kind of responsible parent gives a 5-year-old a real gun to play with?

If you believe the rhetoric, these NRA guys are really tough with their new motto "Stand and Fight." It's more like "Stand in Fright." Their new logo looks interesting. It's a highly stylized designy NRA eagle looking like it's going down in flames, something we can all hope and pray for.

You've seen the gun owners wearing a yellow sticker that says "Another Responsible Gun Owner." I'm going to make one that says "Unarmed, Unafraid and Unimpressed."

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