HartBeat Seeking Mom Input For New Work

Hartford Courant

HartBeat Ensemble hosts its second “Mom’s Night Out” event, at the Carriage House Theater, 360 Farmington Ave, on Friday April 4 at 7:30 p.m. The event will advance the theater’s next main production, “Gross Domestic Product.” (A reading will be held of the play on May 15 to 18.)

During this Mom’s Night Out guests can share their stories about the struggles and triumphs of raising a family in our current environment through photo-booth style interviews, activities, interactive participation, and conversations.

“HartBeat has been using interviews and first hand accounts as the primary tool in our play creation since our founding in 2001,” says writer and theater co-founder Julia Rosenblatt. “

Tickets are $10. Information: 860-548-9144 and www.hartbeatensemble.org.

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