HARTFORD, CT - 11.18.2013 - CRRA - Operations engineer Gary Bonafilia (from left) and public affairs director Paul Nonnenmacher give a tour of the waste processing facility at the CRRA (Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority) trash-to-energy plant on Maxim Road in Hartford. The facility receives 2,000 to 2,500 tons of trash a day. The tip floor, where trucks unload their trash, has a capacity of about 7,000 tons. The garbage is then separated, shredded and incinerated. CRRA will submit a transition plan at the Nov. 19 DEEP Resource Recovery Task Force meeting, after an audit of the quasi-public agency concluded that the business model isn't working and major changes are necessary to keep it running. The agency makes up a large chunk of the state's trash to energy system, which handles two-thirds of Connecticut's solid waste. PATRICK RAYCRAFT |
Patrick Raycraft / Patrick Raycraft |
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