By ROSA CICCIO | Hartford Courant HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: From Norwich in Norfolk County, England. ORIGINS: Settled in 1659 by 69 families from Old Saybrook led by Maj. John Mason and the Rev. James Fitch on land purchased from the Mohegan Tribe for 70 pounds. STARS AND STRIPES: Capt. Samuel Chester Reid (1783-1861) of Norwich is credited with designing the modern American flag. The original flag consisted of 13 stars and 13 stripes, but as additional states were admitted to the Union, it became impractical to keep adding stripes. Reid suggested that the stripes be kept at 13, representing the original states, and that a star would be added for each additional state. DID YOU KNOW? The partnership of Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, which led to the Smith & Wesson firearms company, was formed in Norwich in 1852. FAMOUS RESIDENTS: Samuel Huntington, signer of the Declaration of Independence; former U.S. Senator Thomas J. Dodd; baseball players Paul Konerko and Rajai Davis; Edith Roosevelt, second wife of Theodore Roosevelt; Edwin H. Land, inventor of instant photography; and Revolutionary War hero turned traitor Benedict Arnold. SOURCES: The Hartford Courant; Connecticut Place Names;;;;;
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