By ROSA CICCIO | Hartford Courant HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: After Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, England. ORIGINS: Settled in 1662 when representatives of the Connecticut Colonial Legislature bought "Thirty Mile Island," on the Connecticut River between Haddam and Haddam Neck, from the Wangunk Indian Tribe. The town was incorporated and named in 1668. DID YOU KNOW: Haddam is one of only two towns in Connecticut bisected by the Connecticut River, with Haddam and the Higganum section on one side and the Haddam Neck section on the other. FAMOUS ROCK: One of the biggest landmarks in town is Flag Rock. Originally named Pulpit Rock for being the pulpit for itinerant Methodist preacher Lorenzo Dow in the 1790s, it took on the name of Flag Rock in 1942 after resident William Neff painted a large American Flag on it in a show of patriotism after Pearl Harbor. SOURCES: The Hartford Courant;;; CT State Register and Manual.
Courtesy Patricia Neff Drury
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