By ROSA CICCIO | Hartford Courant HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: For its rocks! The town was formed from the rockier part of Woodbury, and its Indian name was Shepaug, meaning "rocky water." ORIGINS: Settled in 1713, the area was granted parish privileges in 1743. It was incorporated in 1796. EARLY INDUSTRY: Mainly a farming community, but Mine Hill produced a variety of minerals and ore. First silver, then iron were mined beginning in the mid-18th century. The quarries of Mine Hill also provided an abundance of granite, some of which was used in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Terminal in New York. GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS: Hailing from Roxbury were cousins Ethan Allen, Remember Baker and Seth Warner, three leaders of the "Green Mountain Boys," a militia intent on protecting the land rights of the area that's now Vermont from interests in New York. FAMOUS RESIDENTS: Playwrights Arthur Miller and Stephen Sondheim, artist Alexander Calder, authors Frank McCourt and William Styron, and actors Dustin Hoffman, Marilyn Monroe, Denis Leary and Richard Widmark. SOURCES: The Hartford Courant; Connecticut Place Names; ; ; History of Roxbury Township (Ungerheuer & Hurlburt , 1989 - ); CT State Register and Manual.
Michael McAndrews
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