East Windsor

By ROSA CICCIO | Hartford Courant HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: Originally part of Windsor, it was named for the part of town east of the Connecticut River. ORIGINS: Permanent settlement on the eastern bank of the river began in the mid 1670s. The area was granted parish rights in 1694 and was incorporated as a town in 1768. TROLLEY MUSEUM: The Connecticut Trolley Museum is owned and operated by the Connecticut Electric Railway Association, the country's oldest incorporated organization dedicated to the preservation of the trolley era. It houses more than 70 pieces of railway equipment, some dating back to 1869. DID YOU KNOW? William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin, was a staunch Tory and the last royal governor of New Jersey. After being seized at his residence during the American Revolution, he was brought to East Windsor to be held under guard. He was later exchanged for American prisoners and spent the rest of his life in Britain. NOTABLE RESIDENTS: Sgt. Elijah Churchill, the first recipient of the Badge of Military Merit (akin to the Medal of Honor), bestowed by General George Washington; missionary Lorrin Andrews, founder of Hawaii University and publisher of a Hawaiian dictionary; noted engraver John Warner Barber; Revolutionary War post rider Israel Bissell; Daniel Bissell, the last recipient of Badge of Military Merit; steamboat builder Oliver Newberry and his brother, Walter Loomis Newberry, founder of the Newberry Library in Chicago; actor Kevin Olson; and noted clockmaker Eli Terry. SOURCES: Hartford Courant;;; East Windsor Heritage (Potwin, 1952);;; CT State Register and Manual
Richard Messina
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