UConn Women's Record-Breaking Streak: 71 Things To Know

Whether it's the number worn by a player during the streak or a statistic you might not have known, there are 71 reasons for UConn fans to strut around Connecticut.

1. Longest winning streak in NCAA Division I women's basketball history

2. Worn by Tahirah Williams

3. Worn by Tiffany Hayes

4. Number of consecutive regular season Big East championships

5. Worn by Caroline Doty

6. Notre Dame's ranking when UConn beat the Irish Monday

7. National championships — if they win this year

8. Turnovers by Florida State guard Courtney Ward this season

9. Number of Geno's ties auctioned for charity

10. Number of Final Fours

11. Field goals by Northeastern and Villanova this season

12. Margin of victory over Stanford this season

13. Worn by Jacquie Fernandes

14. Steals during win at Providence in 2008-09

15. Number of players in Huskies of Honor after Tina Charles

16. and 0: In the Big East regular season, two straight seasons

17. Number of consecutive wins needed to tie UCLA's John Wooden

18. Number of consecutive wins needed to become king of the world

19. and 0: Regular season record at Gampel last two seasons

20. Worn by Renee Montgomery

21. Worn by Heather Buck

22. Worn by Meghan Gardler

23. Worn by Maya Moore

24. Margin of victory over No. 3 Notre Dame on College GameDay

25. Points Seton Hall would have scored this season — if Pirates scored one more

26. to 0: UConn's run against Northeastern

27. Number of times (out of 27) a UConn player will say records don't matter

28. UConn's All-Big East players before this season

29. Years since Geno Auriemma graduated from West Chester

30. Worn by Lorin Dixon

31. Worn by Tina Charles

32. Worn by Kalana Greene

33. Number of UConn women with 1,000 points after Kalana Greene did it

34. Worn by Kelly Faris

35. Points allowed to Northeastern on Nov. 14

36. Average victory margin in first 29 games of the season.

37. and 0: Charles, Gardler, Fernandes and McLaren at Gampel

38. Moore's points at Syracuse

39. and 0: Two straight seasons?

40. First-place votes in Associated Press Top 25 poll

41. Worn by Kaili McLaren

42. Worn by Nykesha Sales, whose scoring record Charles broke

43. Number of threes Moore made in Big East play in 2008-09

44. UConn wins on ESPN2 since 2001-02

45. Gampel games won during Kalana Greene's career

46. Tennessee's winning streak from 1996-98

47. UConn three-pointers during 2009 NCAAs

48. Margin of victory over Louisville this season

49. Margin of victory over Richmond and Vermont in 2009-10

50. Worn by Rebecca Lobo, whose rebounding record Charles broke

51. Worn by Cassie Kerns

52. .5: UConn's FG percentage during 2009 NCAAs

53. Consecutive wins was against Cincinnati

54. Louisiana Tech's streak from 1980-82

55. Number of games it took Moore to score 1,000th point

56. Points scored by Rutgers the first time UConn beat them last season.

57. Consecutive win was at Duke

58. Points scored by Gardler in 2008-09

59. Margin of victory vs. Washington last year — if UConn had scored one more point)

60. How old Geno Auriemma will be on March 23, 2014

61. Number of rebounds against Northeastern

62. Number of times Geno has likely been asked about the streak

63. Points at the half against Holy Cross in 2008-09.

64. Points scored by Stanford in last year's national semifinal

65. Fewest points scored in 2008-09 [at Cincinnati]

66. Fewest points scored by UConn this season [St. John's]

67. Margin of victory over Seton Hall

68. Won first 68 games in streak by average of 32.8 points

69. Points scored in first half against Northeastern this season

70. UConn's old streak from 2001-03

71. Means history

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