Waterbury: Family Separated


My family lived in Naugatuck in 1955. I was 7 at the time and my two sisters and I were staying in Waterbury with my grandmother just off of River Street by the Mad River.

I wasn't really aware of the flood until my aunt took us for a walk to see all the buildings on South Main Street under water from the Naugatuck River - it was unbelievable.

All the bridges were out and my parents were on the other side of the river in Naugatuck. They didn't get to us for a while and I know that they cooked on a fire outside until the utilities were restored.

Years later I was talking with an engineer in a Beacon Falls factory where I was working for the summer. He told me that he and his father were driving over a bridge during the flood when suddenly they were floating down the river. They climbed out onto the top of the car. He survived; his father did not.

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