MaryEllen Fillo


MaryEllen Fillo is an award-winning  reporter, having worked for the Hartford Courant since 1971, covering everything from education, business and breaking news  to politics and people.  She started at the Courant as a reporter covering her hometown of Plainville and over the years covered many towns, issues and people all over the state.  For the past several years,  parties, celebrities, TV and radio personalities, nonprofit efforts, and the  “out and about” crowd are her beat as the Java columnist. She also writes the a la carte food column twice a month as well as feature stories for Hartford Magazine. Fillo appears on the FOX CT television morning show.   

Fillo attended Hartford College for Women and CCSU, having earned  degrees in communication, graphic arts and marketing. She has worked as an English-As-A-Second language tutor and adjunct professor at University of Hartford and CCSU. 


Recent Articles

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    Annual Festival of Light Moves To Bushnell Park

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