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The Halloween attraction everyone is talking about in your state

The Daily Meal

You know you're in for a treat (and plenty of tricks!) when you head to a local "scream park" or come upon acres and acres of scary scenes in a haunted corn maze. Halloween attractions offer more than your typical haunted house. From spooky hayrides to terrifying trails to petrifying paintball games, there is no shortage of diabolical schemes to keep your heart racing and blood pumping. And just when you thought it was safe to take a breather, these harrowing haunts won't let up.

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We heard whispers about some of these places, and the screams they elicit sure got our attention. Think about every nightmare you've ever had and every horror movie you've ever seen. Now imagine all of those disturbing characters and chilling scenes in one location. That doesn't even compare to what you'll see at these horrifying places that have each U.S. state talking.

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