Onyx Moonshine Secret Stash

Onyx Moonshine Secret Stash (COURTESY OF ONYX / July 1, 2014)

If you missed the first round of Onyx Moonshine's Secret Stash - or if you need to replenish the liquor cabinet - you're in luck, as the East Hartford company releases its second round of bottles this week.

The distillers produced Connecticut's first barrel-aged whiskey back in December, with a small release going to select liquor stores, bars and restaurants. The summer 2014 release is comprised of two versions: a lighter in color "summer whiskey" that was aged in last year's crop of 33 barrels and then a "first fill" of new barrels that is darker, richer and more similar to the 2013 batch, according to Onyx. (The first round of whiskey received a gold medal at at the 2014 International Craft Spirit Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.)

Like the first release, bottles are hand-marked with the barrel number, bottle number and fill number, with each barrel imparting unique flavor profiles. Bottles will retail for about $69.99. Click here to see a list of restaurants, bars and stores carrying Secret Stash; it's also available nationwide through drinkbetter.com.

Information: onyxmoonshine.com.