A Magnificent 'Mess' Of A Breakfast At The Shack

When I hear there's a breakfast called "The Mess," I can't not go out of my way to give it a try. Because, well, I'm a mess, too, and you are what you eat, or what you eat is what you are, or whatever. The Shack in East Lyme (with other locations in Waterford and Groton) is known for its massive...

  • UberEats Food Delivery

    UberEats Food Delivery

    A look at some of the participating restaurants Greater Hartford restaurants participating with UberEATS.

  • Restaurants Participating In Taste of Farmington

    Restaurants Participating In Taste of Farmington

    Farmington Gardens hosts the first Taste of Farmington event on April 27 at 6 p.m., featuring fine food, wine, beer and cocktail samples from more than 25 local restaurants, mixologists and breweries.

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  • What To Eat At Dunkin' Donuts Park

    What To Eat At Dunkin' Donuts Park

    If you're going to Yard Goats games, arrive at Dunkin' Donuts Park hungry! Expect to see wacky extreme foods like a BLTDD (a BLT sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts), Dunkin' and Chicken skewers, super nachos and more. Read story here.

  • House Of Naan

    House Of Naan

    Tikka fries, lamb burgers, and a long list of tapas-style dishes make House of Naan not your average Indian restaurant.