Bartender Buddha: Leah Cleary of Dew Drop Inn in Derby

Leah Cleary

found at: Dew Drop Inn (Derby)


What’s your favorite beer on tap at Dew Drop Inn?

I like mixing, so I like the Angry Orchard we have. We mix it with Agave, which is a wheat beer, or sometimes with a stout. You could do an imperial stout or a chocolate stout. It’s like a black and tan.

If you have to improvise a cocktail, what’s your favorite thing to do?

I definitely have to make my pink lemonade. It tastes like a Crystal Light lemonade. You don’t even taste the liquor, it’s scary.

What’s the best thing about being a bartender in Derby?

You know everybody. You always see somebody you know when you go out. Working here, working for the people I work for, they’re great people. We’re a huge family down here. It’s very comfortable, very nice. We all work together as a team.

Have you seen any awkward dates?

Oh yeah, all the time. They’re the quiet ones. They just eat, they look around, then they get the bill really quick.

Do you have a strong memory associated with a particular cocktail?

Absolut Mandarin and tonic, that was the first drink that I made. And Yukon Jack and sour mix, the first shot I ever made at a bar.

Do you have a signature cocktail?

My pink lemonade.