Bartender Buddha: Jackie Mulcahy of Bidwell Tavern in Coventry

Jackie Mulcahy
Found at: Bidwell Tavern (Coventry)


What's the best night to come to your bar?

Every night. There is never a bad night to come to Bidwell. Monday night is $2.50 pints; Tuesday is beef and brew for $14; Wednesday is Rocks and wings (30 wings and a bucket of Rolling Rock for $24). We are flooded with UConn students this night; this is the night we are known for. We also have live entertainment Wednesday through Sunday.

If people are unsure what to order for a drink, what do you suggest?

I always ask the customer what they're going to be eating. If they're eating wings I suggest a beer that would go perfectly with the flavor of the wings. Our staff makes dry rubs, wet rubs, sweet, savory, spicy. Drinking the right beer is important.

If these walls could talk what would they say?

There are so many stories, so much history in this building. Bidwell Tavern has been in this location since 1960. Before that is was a post office, the town hall and a jail. Based on the last 53 years I think they would say "wings."

Does you customer base change during the summer?

It does because a lot of college students are gone and many locals are on vacation during July and August. It slows down compared to other months, but it's not dead. We are a popular establishment. People from all over the state come to Bidwell. I've been working here 12 years and drive from Ellington; this is a great bar to come to and work at.