Bartender Buddha: Corrissa "Cee Cee" Lafayette of the Tilted Kilt in Wethersfield

Words of wisdom from Corrissa "Cee Cee" Lafayette

By Melissa Byron

2:30 PM EDT, August 15, 2013


Corrissa "Cee Cee" Lafayette
Found at: Tilted Kilt (Wethersfield)


What can one expect when going to the Tilted Kilt?

Expect a lot of fun. Expect a lot of beautiful girls to sit with you, talk to you, build a relationship with you. We are not order takers. We take customer service very seriously. Our customer base is mostly men because we have all female bartenders. Women do come in, usually on Fridays because they know a lot of men are here.

Why aren't there more female African-American bartenders?

I feel like no matter where I work I'm the only African American female. I don't really see it as a bad thing though, when I bartend. Obviously I stand out the most but I'm just Cee Cee, I'm goofy and my customers love me.

Do you feel pressure here as far as maintaining a certain weight?

When you get hired, you sign a contract that you can't change your hair, get a tattoo or alter your image without the owner's approval. I've been here since they opened. I feel it's kind of an incentive to stay in shape.

What drinks have been popular this summer?

We have cocktails "shakers" served in mason jars. We have the Jacked Up Rita, a margarita made with Jack Daniels. The Pain Reliever and Kiss My Kraken have been popular. Both are made with Kraken spiced rum. The Pain Reliever has pina colada mix and the Kiss My Kraken has ginger ale, lime juice and Angostura Bitters.