Bartender Buddha: Meg Griffin of Jeremiah's on the Green in Colchester

Meg Griffin
Found at: Jeremiah’s on the Green (Colchester)


What do people order when it's 95 degrees out?

Any of our ice cold draft beers, which change everyday. Landshark right now is the most popular because it's summer. This is Colchester. There's nothing but beer drinkers here. We have a good variety too both in bottles and drafts.

Best joke you've heard?

I get jokes about my name all the time. People have said to me "Hey Meg, I thought you were a house cat all these years." (Peter Griffin says that to Meg on Family Guy.)

Are bars a good a good place to meet people?

This bar is, as opposed to others I've worked at. Everybody is really friendly, a lot of regulars. I've never had to cut anyone off. I feel there's a lot of eligible bachelors that come in.

What booze is the best value?

Any of them. We are the best bang for your buck. All of our cocktails are served in a 16 oz. glass. A Stoli and cranberry with a splash of soda is $6. Our most expensive liquor is a shot of Patron which is $7.50.

What drinks are you making for summer?

The Huckleberry Lemonade. 44 North makes a huckleberry flavored vodka and we mix it with fresh lemonade and serve it in a mason jar on the rocks with a slice of lemon. It's delicious and it looks cool. For an extra $2 you can keep the jar.