Bartender Buddha: Chelsea Gavin of Guilford Mooring

Chelsea Gavin
Found at: Guilford Mooring (Guilford)


Does your customer base change in the summer?

Yeah, it gets busier. The age range is very wide, especially when we have bands on the weekends. We have a lot of people who only show up in the summers, so it's nice to catch up with them. And we have people coming off their boats from the marina.

What does the restaurant do in the winter to draw in customers?

We obviously have a very different feel in the summer. Any football game, college or pro, and no matter what day they're on, we offer $1 draughts. We run TV commercials during the off-season and have specials almost every night.

What do people drink when it's 95 degrees out?

Every single person will order a water first. Fresh mint mojitos are popular. So are rum runners and frozen drinks.

What cocktails are worth the splurge?

A top shelf margarita. It's $12, and it's made with Patron Silver. Also, a peanut butter or oreo mint mudslide. Mark makes them on Saturday as a special. It's the one thing I would splurge on on a summer day.

Are bars a good place to meet people?

As an employee of an establishment, yes. As a customer at a bar, no. Most people are really not in the right mind-set when they are at a bar.