Bartender Buddha

Bartender Buddha: Jason Cuevas of Bocca Rossa in Hartford. (Melissa Byron photo / July 17, 2013)

Jason Cuevas
Found at: Bocca Rossa (Hartford)


What wines do you recommend for the summer?

Prosecco is the ultimate summer wine. You can do so much with it too. You can mix it with strawberry or peach puree for a bellini, which we make here. I also personally enjoy the Orvieto, it's a white wine. I just had a glass the other night while sitting outside. We have a great selection of wines here, over 100, most are from Italy, but we also have some from California, Argentina and Chile.

Why aren't there more Latino bartenders in CT?

I can't explain it. There should be more because there are a lot of Spanish speaking people. I only know three other Latino bartenders in CT. My customers love when I speak Spanish, it's a romantic language.

What cocktails are you making for summer?

I just made a guava, strawberry, watermelon martini. It has rum, vodka and tequila, but because it's the flavored liquor, it doesn't taste strong. I garnish it with fresh strawberries. It's a good tropical drink.