Bartender Buddha: Eric Summit of 7 Sins Lounge and Bar in Hartford

Our conversation with bartender Eric Summit

By Melissa Byron

9:50 AM EDT, June 27, 2013


Eric Summit
Found at: 7 Sins Lounge and Bar in Hartford

What's the best night to come to your bar?

Friday, it is our best night. It is literally asses-to-elbows here. We have great DJs from New York and Connecticut who get the party started. The music is mostly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and house.

What infusions are you making?

We have house-made infusions that are tequila based. They are strawberry-blackberry-raspberry, orange-mango-pineapple, apple-cinnamon, and we make a pepper-infused tequila with jalapeno, habanero, bell and garlic pepper. These go very quickly.

Are there cocktail trends you hate?

Get over the tonic and onto soda. First, you're not tasting vodka or gin, and second, it has 110 calories. You might as well order a beer. Tonic is not low-calorie. It also seems like everyone is jumping on this gluten-free trend with their liquor.

What booze is the best value?

Thursday night top-shelf tequila shots for $5, which by the way should be ordered without training wheels (lime wedge and salt). That just masks the taste of tequila.