Bartender Buddha: Keith Champagne of The Lucky Frog in Willimantic

Our conversation with bartender Keith Champagne

By Melissa Byron

11:15 AM EDT, June 13, 2013


Keith Champagne
Found at: The Lucky Frog (Willimantic)


What type of bar is the Lucky Frog?

We are a live-music-oriented chill-out bar. It's a relaxing place.

How does weather affect business?

We live and die by the weather. If it's a perfect 80 degree day, you can't even walk in here. An iffy day can be confusing; it's easy to plan when you know what the weather is. Our tiki bar is huge and the musicians play out there when it's nice. No doubt the outdoor bar is more popular than our indoor one.

What's the best cocktail name you've come up with?

Puneta. It's Spanish for "masturbation," and yes, it's a creamy shot. It contains Bailey's and cinnamon whiskey.

Are there cocktail trends you hate?

They should outlaw frozen drinks. Crushing ice is a pain. It's a huge trend here because we're a tiki bar.

Is it difficult being a bartender who doesn't drink?

Not at all. I don't need to drink alcohol to have fun. Plus everyone knows I won't steal the liquor. When I was in seventh grade my good friend was killed by a drunk driver. I know how to shut someone off and I'm not afraid to.