Sarah Keegan

Sarah Keegan, bartender at Vivo at The Marriott in downtown Hartford. (Melissa Byron photo / June 6, 2013)

Sarah Keegan
Found at: Vivo at The Marriott (Hartford)


What three bottles can't you part with?

Prosecco without a doubt. It's a great aperitif. Jim Beam Basil Hayden's bourbon is a bottle I would also never give up. As a bartender here my third pick would be Bear Boat Pinot Noir. It's light, smoky and it goes well with every entree on our menu.

What ingredient do you want to see used more often?

Cucumbers for sure. I think either muddling or infusing it in vodka or Hendrix Gin is a great pairing. It's light, refreshing and juices such as pomegranate and white cranberry go well with cucumber.

Best party you've ever bartended?

The Traveler's Golf Tournament is always a blast. It's a change from the typical insurance crowd I see on a regular basis. It's busy and friendly but laid back because everyone is so into the game. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm serving someone famous.

Who was the most interesting person you met at your bar?

We don't get a whole lot of locals here. Working at a hotel bar I see transients. With that said, it is the regulars that I find most interesting. This one couple in particular have become my friends. I'm so thrilled they come into see me. I like that customers can become my friends.